Luffy x nami. Rodger + Fan: WE ARE!

In Volume 36 you were saying that Nami's breasts had grown in size from years ago, so what are her 3 sizes now? After defeating Hody's crew at Fish-Man Island, while everyone is chatting among themselves, Nami is seen looking up to where Luffy was battling against Hody with a worried expression. Temporary Supporters :. Please tell me the order in which the members of the Straw Hat Pirates joined the crew! Thanks god for always blessed my otps with love, affection, trust, wonderful and adorable moments. Rodger : Most of them are convinced that they are canon based on the fact that Luffy trusts Nami with his straw hat. She seems a coward but she has been referred to by multiple people being a "bold woman. At the beginning of the series, Nami despised all pirates. While Nami was retreating into Bege's Big Father fortress after the assassination attempt on Big Mom failed, Charlotte Smoothie tried to kill her before Vinsmoke Reiju saved her from Smoothie's clutches.

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Nami can be very vain and full of herself at times saying she is "too cute" and becomes melodramatic during the Davy Back Fight , saying that the Foxy Pirates would choose her for sure and became annoyed when Usopp said that would not be the case. During the escape from Whole Cake Island, she encountered Zeus and immediately showed interest in it, offering for Zeus to became her servant, and used it to attack Big Mom. Their relationship is consistently presented as positive and affirming, an example of two people with compatible dreams and different temperaments working out conflicts as equals.

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In other words Nami met the samurai in one cell of Punk Hazard when he was just a head as he had been sliced up by Law's Devil Fruit , so he was still alive. After he got his heart back, Nami still claimed that he was trash and reminded him of the children he experimented on back at Punk Hazard. Despite being a member of Arlong's crew for the last eight years, Nami held nothing but bitter hatred for him and regularly tried to assassinate him, but Arlong held no grudge and even found her attempts amusing.

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Her experiences left Nami with many painful memories, that she has since then successfully buried but Nami still retained a fear and distrust of the fish-men race as a whole which was only abated after going to Fish-Man Island , where she claimed she solely held a grudge against Arlong. Defeat Him! Nami will occasionally get emotional over his dashing rescues like she does with Luffy as she cried with happiness when Sanji saved her and the crew from Doflamingo and when Sanji returned to save Usopp from Jabra. And Oda drew this.

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Nami was later more impressed to hear from Chiffon that Lola was proposed to by a prince and that she would actually reject a chance to marry a person of high social status. SaNa : Nami cried over Sanji leaving! She only conveys it trough bragging about Luffy to Other people. Momonosuke often rushes to Nami when he feels upset, despite the males' best efforts to keep him away from the navigator. While Zoro provides Luffy valuable counsel in critical moments, such as during his fallout with Ussop at Water 7, Nami guides Luffy through his day to day operations. To ensure Nami and Nojiko's safety, Bell-mere decided to sacrifice her own life. During a conversation with Big Mom at the Prisoner Library, Nami became more horrified when she found out that her friend, Lola, has been labeled as a black sheep of the family, and that her mother is aiming to kill her. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper and will often end up doing something Nami deems either dangerous or stupid regarding the situation. Acting on a tip from Arlong, he uncovered the treasure that Nami had been hoarding in order to buy back Cocoyasi Village and confiscates it from her. Nami angry claimed that it was a fashion style, Kin'emon stated it was obscene wearing breast-bands Nami asked if he didn't like it but Kin'emon made a perverted face said he did only to be stomped by an irritated Sanji.

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The two form a quick bond and pair together in most situations. It's not until she saw that Usopp would fight for his village that she started to like the sniper. Despite being a member of Arlong's crew for the last eight years, Nami held nothing but bitter hatred for him and regularly tried to assassinate him, but Arlong held no grudge and even found her attempts amusing. Luffy: here you go, nami.

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The two are later seen sharing a glass of beer during the party. Nami has a very interesting relationship with Usopp. Rodger : Yes this is the yard of small, forgotten, and crack ships.

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